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2013 Week 5 College Games to Watch

Sep 28, 13 2013 Week 5 College Games to Watch

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So since we have come back we have decided to start putting more college games to watch posts out there.  If you are interested in College Football (particularly the FBS level) then there are a whole lot of games slated to be interesting this weekend.  We will go through the games by time so it does not confuse you at all.  I would...

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Denied…USC’s Request for Consideration

Sep 27, 13 Denied…USC’s Request for Consideration

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In a nice turn of events today, USC was denied reconsideration of the sanctions imposed on them back in June of 2010.  The charges levied on them included a two-year post season, the loss of 30 scholarships over three seasons, and also the loss of any games that Reggie Bush played in (including a National Championship in 2005)....

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Which Sports Stars Go to Chiropractors?

Oct 09, 12 Which Sports Stars Go to Chiropractors?

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Athletes around the world have things they like to do to make themselves feel better when they have sustained an injury. There are some that choose to see their own private physician as well as their team’s doctor and others choose more homeopathic treatments. A trend that has been quietly growing has been treatment by a...

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2012 Big 12 Football Schedule

The Big 12 has finally announced their schedule for the 2012 football season. I don’t know about the rest of the fans out there, but this has been a pretty exciting ride so far. With Texas A&M, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska all leaving the Big 12 it kind of looked like things were going to be a bit bleak for a while there....

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West Virginia to the Big 12. Smart or Dumb?

Oct 25, 11 West Virginia to the Big 12. Smart or Dumb?

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Big 12 sources are coming out and saying that West Virginia could be accepted as soon as later today.  As far as I know the Big 12 is doing this so they can replace Missouri if they leave for the SEC.  This apparently will happen even if Missouri decides to stay in the Big 12.  I imagine that West Virginia will be put into the...

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Oklahoma to the Pac-12?

According the ESPN there is a lot of leadership at Oklahoma that is still interested in moving to the Pac-12 from their current conference the Big 12.  They are also reporting that Texas officials met with Oklahoma big wigs and they left Norman feeling very doubtful that Oklahoma would be staying.  What does this mean for the Big...

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