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Oklahoma #1??? No One Gets Crowned Pre-Season

Skip Bayless is “booking it” already and says that Oklahoma has rightly been chosen #1 by most of the coaches in the NCAA. Oklahoma vs. Alabama in the national championship??? I think not.  Anyways, the Coaches Poll has come out and surprise surprise Okie-La-Homer was right, they are #1 by quite a distance.  Alabama comes in second with less than a third of the votes of Oklahoma.  Does this mean that Oklahoma is 3 times better than Alabama…of course not.  The Big 12 looks strong this year, lets just hope they can live up to their reputation.   With exactly half of the Big 12 in the top 25, we are no doubt expecting great things this season.  Another team that SidelineBlog will be closely following is the TCU Hornfrogs.  They were undefeated last season beating two #5 ranked teams and Oregon State who was in the Top 25 at the beginning of the season.  They beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.  I think that  leaves nothing else to say.  Here is your Coaches Poll Preseason Top 25 (and also realize that this is in no way how the season will turn out).


5Florida State0-0111616
7Boise State0-010657
8Oklahoma State0-093310
9Texas A&M0-088521
12South Carolina0-077922
13Virginia Tech0-076715
16Ohio State0-06315
17Michigan State0-053614
18Notre Dame0-0440Not Ranked
20Mississippi State0-030117
22Georgia0-0260Not Ranked
23Florida0-0240Not Ranked
24Texas0-0162Not Ranked
25Penn State0-0161Not Ranked
26Arizona State0-0158Not Ranked
27West Virginia0-0149Not Ranked
29Miami (FL)0-049Not Ranked
30Iowa0-041Not Ranked
31Northwestern0-030Not Ranked
32Arizona0-028Not Ranked
34Michigan0-019Not Ranked
35Air Force0-015Not Ranked
36North Carolina0-014Not Ranked
37Houston0-013Not Ranked
38South Florida0-09Not Ranked
39Hawaii0-08Not Ranked
40Clemson0-07Not Ranked
41Tennessee0-07Not Ranked
42Southern Mississippi0-06Not Ranked
43BYU0-05Not Ranked
44North Carolina State0-0425
45Northern Illinois0-04Not Ranked
46Oregon State0-04Not Ranked
47Pittsburgh0-03Not Ranked
48Washington0-03Not Ranked
50Georgia Tech0-01Not Ranked

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