Oklahoma to the Pac-12?

According the ESPN there is a lot of leadership at Oklahoma that is still interested in moving to the Pac-12 from their current conference the Big 12.  They are also reporting that Texas officials met with Oklahoma big wigs and they left Norman feeling very doubtful that Oklahoma would be staying.  What does this mean for the Big 12?  Well there are a whole lot of situations at this point the worst one of which being that both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State move over to the Pac-12.  That would leave the Big 12 in a very bad position.  Texas has already made it clear that it would not consider a 7 team Big 12 viable.  We all know what has happened since last year when Colorado and Nebraska decided to go elsewhere.  Now Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are all looking elsewhere while everyone else in the conference minus Texas is talking possible lawsuit against everyone leaving the conference.  If you are a Texas fan like us, you are just sitting and waiting for everything to unfold. Lets be honest with each other, short of a death penalty there is not a whole lot that could really hurt Texas athletic program.  Texas A&M will not get in if there are