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Oklahoma to the Pac-12?

According the ESPN there is a lot of leadership at Oklahoma that is still interested in moving to the Pac-12 from their current conference the Big 12.  They are also reporting that Texas officials met with Oklahoma big wigs and they left Norman feeling very doubtful that Oklahoma would be staying.  What does this mean for the Big...

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“I can’t wait to see Gray”

Those are the words spoken by Dave Brown several months in an audio clip.  The full quote was, “”We’re going to follow the great players in the state. Obviously a kid like Johnathan Gray. I know people [Longhorn Network subscribers] are going to want to see Johnathan Gray, I can’t wait to see Johnathan Gray.”  Jonathan Gray...

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To All the Texas A&M Fans Out There:

Hello Aggies how are you doing on this fine afternoon?  Not too angry about the Longhorn Network I hope?  What I find funny is that no one had a problem when Texas was making more than $80 Million per season through their football team alone yet now fans are in uproar since they signed a TV contract with ESPN.  If Texas A&M...

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