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Why Oklahoma will not win the National Championship in 2011

So I know you have all heard by now that Oklahoma is #1 overall in all polls so far.  I have honestly learned that you cannot rely on the preseason polls for the most part.  While I have to admit, most of the Top 25 teams tend to stay about the same every single season, […]

SidelineBlog Preseason Top 25 Rankings

First of all I would like to tell you how good it personally feels to see USC not in the Top 25 this season due to their slight death penalty.  However, I do not like how the Big 12 really got screwed in the USA Today Poll.  We here at SidelineBlog have created my own […]

Texas Tech weakest #2 since 2006

Texas Tech fans are in uproar because they were not voted #1 this week after beating the #1 team in the land.  We all remember ealier this season when Texas jumped from #5 to #1 after beating Oklahoma.  I would like to remind them that this is actually a larger leap than that.  Plus, I […]

Texas Will be undefeated by the time they get to Oklahoma.

You heard it here first.  I am telling you right now that the Texas Longhorns are going to blow through the Arkansas game (I dont care how bad you think it is to just breeze through a game especially against the SEC) and will have a hard fought nose to nose battle with the Buffaloes […]