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Week 1 College Football Rankings Top 50

So the first week of college football has already seen its plethora of upsets.   I am so excited for this college football season because Sam Bradford is already out of the Heisman watch and it looks like after Week 1 we already have it down to two candidates.  Tim Tebow and Colt Mccoy are both front runners for the Heisman Trophy...

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Sam Bradford looks hungover in ESPN Interview

This looks great for the Big 12 as far as National Champions go.  Sam Bradford, coming off his big Heisman Trophy win, goes into ESPN First Take for an interview where he has obviously not gone to sleep yet, looks like he has been hammering beers and shots all night, and it looks like at any moment he could hurl all over the camera...

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Thank You TCU, May I Have Another?

For BYU to be ranked even close to #9 has pissed me off to no end for the past couple of weeks.  I am tired of Mountain West teams getting the benefit of the doubt.  I feel bad because I feel as if I am talking about TCU also since they are in the Mountain West also but I have all the respect in the world for them.  Yes, TCU plays...

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