This weeks NFL Schedule is another exciting one.  I guess that’s the difference between the NFL and College Football.  All the teams are fairly equal all things considered (except the Miami Dolphins of course).  Last week saw the entrance of Danny Dimes resurrecting the New York Football Giants from the brink of irrelevance.  With so many Quarterbacks being taken out due to injury, ineffectiveness, or retirement, the league is looking much different than it did just five seasons ago.

The most intriguing match up for me is of course the Cowboys and the Saints (7:20PM CST).  I will be keeping a close eye on the Thursday Night Game (Eagles at Packers), and also the Redskins at the Giants on FOX at Noon.  As division rivals of the Cowboys it will be interesting to see if there is more separation by the end of the weekend or if the race to the playoffs tightens up.

Some other interesting match-ups include the undefeated Chiefs playing at the undefeated Lions.  Yes, I said it…the undefeated Detroit Lions.  I am just as surprised as you are trust me.  Patrick Mahomes is probably the most exciting player in NFL history.  The only player I could see being more exciting in the future is Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens.  They match-up with the much more disappointing Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns and Mayfield will look to get their season back on track as they travel to Baltimore in a highly contested game.

The games look to be great this weekend.  It’s nice because its rare to have a decent College Football and NFL weekend.  I am excited to be in town for everything this weekend.  I will be watching every game for sure.  Well at least as many as I can.

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