So the big debate right now is whether or not Carson Wentz is a better quality pick in the NFL Draft this year than Jared Goff. If you looked purely at physical characteristics then sure, Carson Wentz seems to have it all. He is bigger, faster, stronger. Wentz is an inch taller, 20 pounds heavier, and slightly faster. Even when comparing arm strength Wentz wins that category as well. So why is it that I feel as if Goff might actually be the better choice of the two?
It’s probably because Goff is far more polished of a QB ranking just 6th in accuracy under pressure and 7th in deep passes more than 20 yards down the field. Wentz ranks in the high 20’s in both. That’s out of Quarterbacks in this draft class. To me, those are the most important qualities that a professional NFL QB should have so not sure why Wentz is going so high in the draft. I guess GM’s feel as if their coaches can teach him in the end. Goff may not have the strength that Wentz has but his balls are more accurate down field which to me is more important. I mean you look at smaller QB’s in the past 20 years and you have seen some really successful ones. Handling rushes is pretty much the most important quality to have in the first few seasons because defenses love to harass young QB’s new to the NFL.
All in all I would have to say if you look at records, statistics, and everything other than physical appearance it would appear that Jared Goff has the edge. Something tells me that some old guy in the front office is going to end up picking up Wentz first. It reminds me of that movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt. The old guys have their own dated ways of picking talent and I am pretty sure that Jared Goff (if given the right opportunity) will go much further in his career than Carson Wentz.