College Spun has done something quite interesting.  They have created an NCAA Tournament bracket with who they consider the 64 most annoying people are in the sports media industry.  Some things I guess I would disagree with are the following:

  1. My personal opinion is that Dan LeBatard is far more annoying than Mark May.  (Mark May beat him out in the Sweet 16)
  2. Tim Tebow is probably one of the most annoying people in Sports Media today.  Listening to his interviews, game recaps, etc is one of the most unbearable things in the world.  He lost to Peter King…PETER freaking KING…seriously?
  3. I don’t even know what Jemele Hill is on there unless it’s because she is a woman…I love Chris Berman but you could make a soundboard (I am pretty sure they already have) with the repeated things he says during the football season.
  4. Dick Vitale should be in the top 8 at the very least (lost to Doug Gottlieb in the Sweet 16)
  5. I think Skip Bayless puts up with a lot on his show First Take so not sure why he is in the Finals.  My guess is a lot of haters hating on their morningish show.  They are like the North Carolina/Duke of college basketball.

There are a few things I agree with.  If you are not a Jim Rome fanatic (which I am not really anymore) then you would probably find his show confusing and annoying.  Colin Cowheard can get pretty annoying as well from time to time.  Not sure how Paul Finebaum is less annoying than Skip Bayless but I guess he has great calls that can be used in the media so that makes up for it (by great calls I mean crazy hicks calling in and talking smack about everyone else in the SEC minus their school).


Here is a list of round by round with the results: