The NFL season is officially here.  Well, sort of.  First of all it’s just one game on Sunday and secondly it’s pre-preseason.  What I mean is that it’s really just the week before the preseason actually begins.  It pits two great franchises against each other.  We get to see two quarterbacks who have really sought to put their stamp on the game.  Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck square off in what looks to be a good first quarter at least!  We will see how long the starters play during the preseason this year. The two teams who play in the Hall of Fame game at the beginning of the preseason each get an extra game during the preseason. This has usually not worked out the way you would think though. At least not for the Dallas Cowboys who went 6-10 back in 2010 after playing the Bengals in the Hall of Fame game and in 2013 which happened to be one of their many 8-8 football seasons. They played the Miami Dolphins that year. What might even be more surprising is that they won both games. This just goes to show you how little the preseason actually means in the long run. My guess is that the starters for this game will be in for maybe two series tops.

Sunday August, 7th at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio

Time Home Away Channel
8:00PM Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts ESPN

For those of you who bet on these games, check out this betting preview that I actually found on Youtube: