Well just like we predicted, there was a pretty massive shake up of the polls this week.  Oklahoma fell two spots, North Carolina had the biggest fall from grace as they went from #2 to #9 in the nation after losses to Louisville and Notre Dame (both on the road I might add). Monday starts us off with a big match up for Texas against a top 5 Oklahoma team.  No doubt this game will be close.  Super Tuesday gives us great BIg Ten and Big 12 games with West Virginia taking on Kansas and what could be one of the best games of the season in Michigan State at Purdue.  These teams always make for an interesting tussle on the court.  Saturday is where college basketball will be making their money though.  It’s the day before Valentines Day and there are some huge match ups scheduled.  Duke is on a roll and look for them to give a top 10 Virginia squad trouble at Cameron Indoor.  Two of the countries arguably top 5 teams in Kansas and Oklahoma take each other on in Norman.  Look for Kansas to try to get one over on Oklahoma. This week is a great week for basketball and there should be yet again some more shakeups before this week is over.  Until then, look forward to the week of great games and the chaos that is men’s college basketball.

Rank School Record
1 Villanova 20-3
2 Maryland 21-3
3 Oklahoma 19-3
4 Iowa 19-4
5 Xavier 21-2
6 Kansas 19-4
7 Virginia 19-4
8 Michigan State 20-4
9 North Carolina 19-4
10 West Virginia 19-4
11 Oregon 20-4
12 Miami (FL) 18-4
13 Louisville 19-4
14 Iowa State 17-6
15 Texas A&M 18-5
16 SMU 20-2
17 Arizona 19-5
18 Purdue 19-5
19 Dayton 19-3
20 Providence 18-6
21 Baylor 17-6
22 Kentucky 17-6
23 USC 18-5
24 Texas 16-7
25 Wichita State 17-6