Some major chances in the polls this week. Michigan State is making the huge leap from #6 to #2 and Kansas slides into the top spot. Villanova loses it’s top rank after losing to Xavier who then lost to Seton Hall. Surprisingly though, that kind of all balanced out for Xavier as they remain at #5. North Carolina drops one spot after dropping a close game to Virginia Saturday. Virginia on the other hand moves up one spot to #3 as they hope to keep their bid for a one seed in the tournament alive. All signs point to North Carolina being a one seed when it’s all said and done according to most analysts out there. Duke dropped two spots to #17 after a tough routing by Pitt. After beating Oklahoma, Texas moved just two spots to #23 and they will face a tough, if not impossible opponent at home tonight in a top ranked Kansas Jayhawk squad who you can bet will be grasping and holding onto that number one spot like their life depended on it. With conference tournaments starting this weekend, look for there to be more major changes to the rankings over the next couple of weeks as teams fight for their lives and a chance at the big tournament.

Rank School Record
1 Kansas 25-4
2 Michigan State 24-5
3 Villanova 25-4
4 Virginia 22-6
5 Xavier 25-4
6 Oklahoma 22-6
7 Miami (FL) 23-5
8 North Carolina 23-6
9 Oregon 23-6
10 West Virginia 22-7
11 Louisville 22-7
12 Indiana 23-6
13 Utah 23-7
14 Maryland 23-6
15 Purdue 22-7
16 Iowa 20-8
17 Duke 21-8
18 Arizona 22-7
19 Baylor 21-8
20 Texas A&M 22-7
21 Iowa State 20-9
22 Kentucky 21-8
23 Texas 19-10
24 SMU 24-4
25 California 21-8