Monday Night Football did not disappoint this week.  That is, unless you enjoy a fair game.  The Seattle Seahawks were taking on the Buffalo Bills at home on ESPN on one of the most popular time slots for sports in the world.  The final score 31-25 Seattle.  The referees really messed up some calls during this game.  They missed a roughing the kicker call at the end of the first half and then screwed up the timing on the play clock.  The Bills kicker Carpenter missed a 54 yard field goal after they got penalized for delay of game. This was the first real game this season in which Russell Wilson was healthy and he came out swinging passing the ball more than half the time.  He ended up with 282 yards passing with two touchdowns and zero interceptions.  Now, the Seahawks probably don’t want to rely on Wilson to get the job done that way week in and week out but they are definitely more dangerous when he is playing like that.  He just missed 6 passes the entire game.

What’s interesting is that Buffalo actually had the ball more than twice the amount of time as Seattle.  Other than the boring third quarter this game was constant scoring.  There were several lead changes throughout the game with Seattle able to keep Buffalo out of the end zone at the end of the game.  Buffalo had the ball for over 40 minutes of the game and had 11 more first downs than the Seattle Seahawks. The biggest difference was that the Seahawks were scoring fast by passing while the Bills ran out the clock with their rushing superiority and dual threat quarterback.  This enabled the Seahawks to utilize the best and most effective part of their team for 2/3 of the game.  I believe the Bills are looking much better every game and would have had a chance to win this game in overtime if the refs had not stolen it from them.  The referees sure do keep us coming back and talking about football though right?

Leading Passers

Team Name Comp Attempts TD INT
Bills Tyrod Taylor 27 38 1 1
Seahawks Russell Wilson 20 26 2 0


Leading Rushers

Team Name Carries Yards Avg TD
Bills LeSean Mccoy 21 85 4.0 0
Bills Tyrod Taylor 8 43 5.4 1
Bills Mike Gillislee 8 32 4.0 1
Seahawks Tyler Lockett 1 13 13.0 0
Seahawks Russell Wilson 3 10 3.3 1
Seahawks Christine Michael 5 1 .2 1