Stephen A. Smith has always made it his life’s work to make sure Cowboy’s fans and haters know how little love he has for the NFL team from Dallas, Texas. Most people feel (and I have to agree) that he has crossed the line this time. He has gone on a rampage letting everyone in the World know that he thinks it’s hypocritical for the Dallas Cowboys to lock arm in arm with the local police and walk across the field. He feels this way because the Dallas Cowboys have continually employed players that have a less than stellar past. He wouldn’t be wrong in the sense that Jerry Jones is the giver of second chances. The problem is the incident he is talking about just happens to be a national tragedy. Something tells me that he is going to have to apologize for this one. Social media is having a fit about all of this already just a day out.

In the rant he says, “If you have so much respect for the law, why don’t you try obeying it?” This is interesting because he acts as if the team or maybe the front office somehow have control over how their players act outside of the facilities. I think it’s a little naïve to think that any team has full control over its players. It’s a business pure and simple.