Biggest Games of the Weekend

There is a pretty big week this week in college football.  Last week saw us yawning for the most part.  There were some moves in the top 25 but really there were no great games.  This week gives us two games in which two top 25 teams end up playing each other. Ironically at the same time during the day at 2:30PM CST.  There are also a few good in conference match-ups throughout the day. The two main games at 2:30 are:

#18 Virginia @ #10 Notre Dame
#21 USC @ #17 Washington

Even though Notre Dame has a loss, they are still ranked in the top 10.  In fact they are the highest ranked single loss team in college football.  It’s interesting to see how they will do against an undefeated ACC team in Virginia. Virginia’s toughest opponents came in Pittsburgh at the beginning of the season and a weakened Florida State squad.

The other big match-up of the week has a bit of irony to it.  Washington is coming off a huge victory against BYU (45-19). The week before saw USC losing to them in a close game (30-27).  USC is coming off a big victory against a top 10 opponent in Utah and hope to take some of that mojo into this weeks game.

The USC Trojans have had a pretty rough stretch and it just gets worse.  Come the end of week 7 they will have played four top 25 opponents in their first seven weeks.  That’s something very few (if any teams) can say about their schedule.  We will definitely know what the Trojans are made of after their game against Notre Dame.  Luckily they have a bye week in between the Washington and Notre Dame games to get any kinks out of the system they might have.  Half of their games this season are against top 25 opponents in what looks to be one of the hardest schedules in college football.  If they can get through it with just one or two losses they should have a good argument for making the CFB Playoffs.

Other Games

Another game that I am pretty excited about is the #1 Clemson Tigers taking on my favorite school for college basketball in the North Carolina Tarheels (2:30PM on ABC).  This game excites me because the Heels and their new/old head coach Mack Brown (former Texas Longhorns head coach) are playing way beyond their potential.  He always gets his players up for big games and this looks to be the biggest game of the season for them.  Although a mediocre bowl game looks to be the best they can do this season, how they play against the Tigers could determine what kind of bowl game they end up in at the end of the season.

The TV Schedule

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