If you want to see quite possibly the coolest golf shot ever in the history of golf check you need not look any further than Sunday’s round at the Masters Tournament. Louis Oosthuizen and J.B. Holmes were playing the 16th hole yesterday with Holmes taking the first shot and hitting it within 5 feet. This got the crowd going because it really could have been a hole in one if he had hit it a little bit harder. Next up Oosthuizen…well I will just let the video speak for itself. It is quite possibly the most amazing shot I have personally seen live in a golf tournament ever.

From the video you can see that he hits the ball almost perfectly but there is one obstacle. J.B. Holmes has a ball that is between his and the hole. So what does the ball do? The ball decides to move Holmes’ ball out of the way, it bounces off and still manages to find the cup. I think this is the first time I have seen a shot that has had not just one but two chances to get into the hole. Quite amazing but we would expect nothing less from one of the best golfers in the PGA today.