The new AP rankings have come out and the biggest surprise to us is that Duke is still ranked in the top 25. Our guess is as good as yours as to why but we suspect that it has something to do with the fact that it’s great for the NCAA.  I suppose the next surprise would be that Oklahoma did not have a fall from grace as suspected and is still #1.  With conference games in full swing we are certain to see big changes coming in the next few weeks in the rankings.  Our guess is as good as yours as to the final outcome.  There really is no superior team this season.  North Carolina looks poised to to take the top spot if they can get through the gauntlet of the ACC with just one or two more losses.

Big match-ups this week include #3 Iowa at #8 Maryland where Maryland is going to look to try to move back up the ranks on Thursday.  #16 Louisville plays host to an ailing #11 Virginia squad looking for a major rebound after a disappointing start on Saturday. Another big game Saturday is an interesting Big 12 vs. SEC match up which pits #14 Iowa State at #5 Texas A&M.  The other big SEC/Big 12 match-up has a mediocre Kentucky team battling against the pride of the Big 12 in Kansas.  Which March just over a month away all of this is intriguing and could play a big role in you choosing how you decide the outcome of the big tournament.

AP Top 25




1 Oklahoma 16-2
2 North Carolina 18-2
3 Iowa 16-3
4 Kansas 16-3
5 Texas A&M 17-2
6 Villanova 17-3
7 Xavier 17-2
8 Maryland 17-3
9 West Virginia 16-3
10 Providence 17-3
11 Virginia 15-4
12 Michigan State 17-4
13 SMU 18-1
14 Iowa State 15-4
15 Miami (FL) 15-3
16 Louisville 16-3
17 Baylor 15-4
18 Arizona 16-4
19 Indiana 17-3
20 Kentucky 15-4
21 Purdue 17-4
22 Wichita State 14-5
23 Oregon 16-4
24 Duke 15-5
25 Notre Dame 14-5